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Like anyone else in this world, everyone is a fan of Chinese products. We all know that today China is the largest manufacturer of Goods may it be regular household goods, electronics or any other kind of daily goods, today China is leading the world market. And the main reason behind everyone heading more and more towards the Chinese products is extra features at affordable pricing. But the major problem in getting the cheap products is the delivery charges. And not everyone is rich enough to go to China and do the shopping in China. To resolve this issue https://www.jfbees.com is now here to help you with your concerns related to high pricing deliveries across the globe. https://www.jfbees.com is the one stop solution for your deliveries related to Taobao English. Get in touch with us and instead of going anywhere else just Taobao us and realize the feeling of shopping in China without even going there.
Shopping from China
Taobao Agent

https://www.jfbees.com is an authorized Taobao agent. Get in touch and relax and experience the Parcel sending services of https://www.jfbees.com. We will deliver your product to your home without a hassle.
We have a great news to share with our customers in Australia that recently we have also launched the services for Shipping from China to Australia. So ready and start using our services. We assure you would surely be satisfied with our services.

We also list you the China Shipping Rates that apply. Normally we use the China DHL Service and other Parcel sending services in China. Customers are also advised to kindly the basic Sending parcel rates in China from our website to be aware.

Our prime responsibility is customer satisfaction and we adhere to the same to ensure client satisfaction.

Shipping from China
Shipping from China

All you need to do is just follow these simple steps of the any of the advanced quality service of https://www.jfbees.com:


1.       Place order: Submit product links and pay

2.      JFBees Purchasing: Purchase products for you from Taobao stores

3.       Warehousing: Sign packages to stock, pick up for QC photos and confirm order

4.      International ShippingConsolidate and strengthen package to weight for shipping

5.       Confirm Receipt: Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits

Cheap International Courier Service
China DHL Service

B.    ShipForMe:

1.       Get JFBees Address: Order items from Taobao and ship to JFBees warehouse

2.      Parcel Shipping: Package tracking, confirm receipt and warehouse stock.

3.       Combine Packages: Pick up packages for QC photos and merge them into one

4.      International Shipping: Strengthen, weight package, quote shipping fee for delivery

5.       Confirm Receipt: Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits